Creating a Poolside Oasis

Creating a poolside oasis is a great way to enjoy your backyard. It doesn’t have to be expensive and can add a level of elegance to your home.

One way to create a poolside oasis is by adding landscaping to your existing backyard. You can do this by adding plants, bushes, trees and more.

Plant Oasis

Plants are a natural way to add tranquility and color to any space. They also help to reduce stress, enhance moods, and encourage restfulness.

Adding flowers and foliage around your pool is one of the best ways to make your poolside oasis a relaxing place for guests to spend time. They also improve the overall aesthetic of your yard and increase the value of your property.

You can also try a few other landscaping and decorating ideas to give your poolside area the look you want. For example, you can mix materials like brick and stone to create a more dynamic outdoor space.

Another way to bring nature indoors is by planting a few large, colorful plants in your living room. This can transform an awkward corner into an exotic tropical oasis!

Transitional Landscape

When it comes to landscape design, a transitional style blends contemporary and traditional elements. This style is ideal for most American homes and can make your home appear modern, yet timeless.

The simplest way to achieve this look is by using the right color and material combinations. In addition, a well-designed landscape with a transitional landscape will also feature a variety of textures and forms.

For example, the leathery, corrugated leaves of a large hosta can be juxtaposed with polished aluminum planters or airy clouds of muhly grass floating above ruffled ribs of spiral planters.

Another great transitional landscaping idea is a dry creek bed. They provide a natural water feature and can help correct slopes or low spots in your yard that collect excess water.

A good way to plan your space around your pool is to develop zones that correspond to your desired activities. This will ensure that each area is used for what it was designed to be and create a more cohesive landscape.

Pool to Lawn

Transitioning from pool to lawn is an essential part of the landscape. A company that specializes in designing, building, and maintaining your outdoor living space can help you make this transition successfully.

Landscaping ideas that use low maintenance plants, hedges, and boulders can give your pool area a more natural look. They can also offer privacy and shade.

Plants around the pool should unify and balance with the rest of your landscaping, as well as fit in with your overall home and yard design. They should also be easy to maintain and safe for children and pets.

Strategically planting trees and evergreens around your pool can provide privacy, shade, and sound insulation. Trees can also act as a barrier to pool chemicals and prevent grass clippings from entering the pool water.


If you want to make your pool area a little more relaxing and luxurious, sprucing it up with a fireplace is a great idea. Outdoor fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, and they can help transform your space into a cozy sanctuary where you can relax after a day in the sun.

Depending on your design goals, you can opt for open-flame fire pits or enclosed fireplaces with glass panels to prevent children and pets from getting close to the flames. In addition to keeping your kids safe, a see-through fire pit can help add natural light to your outdoor oasis.

Low-profile outdoor fire tables are a popular choice for sprucing up patios and balconies, especially around a pool. These modern designs can be made from river rock or lava rocks to create a warm, inviting feel. Typically, these outdoor fire tables have table space on either side to enjoy meals or cocktails with friends.