DIY Home Projects to Spruce Up Your Kitchen and Bathroom

DIY can save money while adding a unique style to your home, yet some projects require significant amounts of both time and energy to complete successfully.

Installing paintable baseboard cord channels provides a stylish solution to hiding unsightly power and data cords, as well as other simple DIY home projects like blanket ladder, mudroom organiser or theft-proof mailbox.


Renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact, high-impact upgrades that appeal to homebuyers without breaking the bank are possible!

Zillow research indicates that installing a new backsplash is one of the highest-return DIY projects you can undertake, increasing its value by 1.5% and providing one of the greatest returns possible.

Install reclaimed wood floating shelves as an affordable yet stylish upgrade for your kitchen, and create ample storage for beautiful cookware, earthenware bowls and plates. This quick project will instantly give it an updated look while adding plenty of storage.

Make an old rake into a wall-mounted utensil holder to add rustic charm and functionality to your kitchen, while upcycling an object from another use. This project showcases how “re-using” and re-purposing are important aspects of modern design – an easy DIY project requiring only some used crates and paint!


Renovating a bathroom can quickly become an ambitious project, particularly if it includes demolishing walls or installing new fixtures. Even simple re-tiling requires plumbing and electrical work – so many homeowners hire professional services for more challenging DIY projects.

There are plenty of projects you can undertake to enhance the aesthetics of a bathroom without making major renovations necessary, from painting the room itself or adding in storage spaces, these ideas will give your space an updated appearance at minimal expense.

Replacing your builder-grade bathroom mirror with one featuring a wood frame is an easy and fun DIY project that adds character to any room, while recycling old wood.


Upgrades can transform a room and help it feel fresh, new, and exciting again. DIY projects offer great opportunities for bonding between parent and teen/young adult, who may benefit from helping in some of these projects themselves – helping will reduce resistance to your ideas while encouraging more ownership over their space.

DIY bedroom decor projects range from decorative to practical; for instance, Sweetteal features an inventive tree branch jewelry holder made with concrete plant pot saucer, rubber chair leg tip tip, glue and sandpaper or timber wax.

As part of your bedroom decorating DIY home projects, why not create some colorful wall art out of paper straws? This project provides an easy and enjoyable way to bring some color into the room if painting walls is out of the question.

Living Room

No matter the style or theme you favor, your living room should reflect who you are as an individual. From comfortable chairs to a cozy blanket ladder, DIY home projects offer endless opportunities to help create the ideal atmosphere in which to unwind.

Coloring a ceiling is becoming an increasingly popular trend and is an easy way to inject personality and flair into any living room. White for an inviting rustic charm or stripes for something playful are great choices to give any living space some much-needed character.

Display your plants in style with this copper and marble plant stand that can be made on a budget. Quickly modernize your side table by covering it with contact paper that matches your decor scheme.

Make floral wall art easily with this fun craft using foam board, fake flowers, tissue paper, canvas, hot glue gun and scissors. Get kids involved by customizing their design while enjoying customizing this project together! It’s also a great way to repurpose old frames that may have gone unused for some time now.

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