Choosing the Right Bathroom Cabinet

Your choice of bathroom cabinet depends on its intended use and space requirements, with different styles and dimensions offering different advantages in each home. Take your time when searching for your ideal cabinet – don’t just settle on one style without checking its dimensions first!

Make sure your cabinets are made from long-lasting, watertight materials – waterproof plywood is an excellent option. Also look out for Moisture-Resistant MDF (MR-MDF), which protects against moisture and mildew growth.


While flat panel and glossy cabinet finishes may lean more contemporary, you have other options when it comes to modern bathroom cabinets. One such is backlit cabinets which incorporate lighting fixtures within their frames to produce an ambient glow that compliments wall art while making storage easier to navigate.

Skipping hardware altogether can also create an easy, minimalistic aesthetic, allowing other design elements such as bold color schemes or luxurious tubs to take center stage. In this Japanese-style bathroom by Cathie Hong Interiors, a pair of linen cabinets featuring dark wood and brushed bronze stand out against light blue walls and white tile, creating visual interest against each other.

An effective bathroom requires plenty of storage space in order to be functional, stylish and organized. From traditional, modern or bohemian cabinet designs – make sure your storage solution caters specifically to the needs of your family when selecting it!


Boho bathroom cabinet designs can create a relaxing oasis. Choose a wooden cabinet to evoke earthy tones or an industrial mirror design with metal frames; decorative elements like macrame plant hangers, beautiful shower niche decorations and vibrant rugs can complete this unique aesthetic and create the ultimate zen experience.

If you want to add an artistic touch to your boho bathroom cabinet, try painting it a color that complements its surroundings. Warm terracotta paint works well with natural materials such as wood and brings soothing tones from nature into the room. Or choose neutral hues like beige that goes well with nearly all wall colors while complementing other boho decor pieces in the space. Moisture-resistant MDF (Melamined Bonded Plywood) also makes an excellent choice as it resists shrinkage, rotting and mildew growth – great options when choosing MDF for bathrooms due to moisture resistance qualities!


Free-standing bathroom cabinets are standalone storage solutions that offer plenty of space for toiletries, tissues rolls and other essentials. Available in various styles and colors to complement the decor of any home, free-standing cabinets also allow you to customize their design by choosing handles or adding details such as accessories.

To select the ideal free-standing bathroom cabinets for your home, start by measuring your space to ascertain which sizes of cabinets you require. Next, select cabinets that complement or contrast with your bathroom’s existing color scheme or offer striking contrasts of hues. It is also important to take into account how many people will be using the room at any one time as this will determine how much storage space will be necessary.

For a contemporary aesthetic, opt for a modern bathroom storage cabinet with wood accents. This style combines rustic farmhouse appeal with sleek elegance; perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens! Assembly is straightforward and offers ample space to store all of your essentials.


Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets can offer many space-saving benefits and sleek design options, yet homeowners must carefully evaluate their bathroom size, layout, storage needs and personal style preferences to determine whether this vanity option is appropriate.

Store clean towels and extra bath mats safely inside this cabinet, featuring double doors with adjustable shelves that meet your storage needs. A recessed shelf provides space for perfume bottles or candles while open shelving accommodates smaller decorative accents like branches or apothecary jars.

This bathroom cabinet is constructed of beautiful brown-finished wooden material and features two glass doors with rectangular moulding on either side for an elegant and traditional aesthetic. Stainless steel bathroom cabinets also make an attractive option; you can trim or leave exposed for an industrial touch, and even incorporate mirror doors for an streamlined appearance.

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