Choosing the Right Window Treatments for Your Home

Windows are an integral component of any home, and choosing window treatments that match its aesthetic can create the ideal look.

From dramatic drapes to airy curtains, there are various window dressing options to consider when dressing your windows. But there are certain do’s and don’ts you should remember when selecting window coverings.

Living Room

No matter your taste or decor style, custom window treatments offer endless possibilities that can elevate any living room decor. Choose from intricate draperies to energy saving shades!

If you want your window treatments to serve multiple functions at once – like glare reduction and privacy – consider shutters or other hard window coverings as they offer both benefits at once. Shutters are especially great in living rooms as they allow light levels to be controlled without compromising privacy or blocking views outside.

Anna Popov created an inviting hygge-inspired living room using wooden shutters to frame the view and provide privacy, with a honeycomb-inside-a-honeycomb structure helping insulate and reduce energy costs while saving money on utility bills.


No bedroom feels complete without appropriate window treatments, such as blinds or curtains. Blinds provide a minimal look while pleated curtains add decorative pleats for decorative flair.

If soft, diffused light is your goal, Silhouette ClearViewTM Shadings may be just what you need – their signature S-Vane diffuses harsh sunrays in an elegant way. For energy efficiency purposes, Duette Architella Cellular Shades provide extra layers of insulating air pockets to keep rooms comfortable year round and can even be combined with blackout drapes for an elegant layered look.


Even bathrooms can benefit from window treatments to add an elegant and finished touch. Selecting an appropriate window treatment depends on three criteria: privacy, light control and durability.

As bathrooms tend to be high moisture areas, selecting window coverings that won’t warp or mildew easily is key for staying comfortable in these spaces. Blinds made of moisture-resistant materials such as vinyl are ideal.

Frosted glass offers privacy while still letting in natural light, creating a fresh, modern aesthetic in the bathroom. Or you could add an eye-catching custom valance that complements any size window in the space and is easy to maintain – perfect for modern decor!


Kitchen window treatments must strike a balance between functionality and style. As this room is exposed to moisture and heat, materials that can easily be cleaned should be used so as to avoid unnecessary hassle.

If windows are located above sinks or countertops, consider using a decorative valance instead of full fabric shades to protect from potential splatters and allow full opening of windows; while an overhead decorative valance rests above the window frame without covering hardware.

Direct sunlight can have serious negative consequences for kitchen interiors, including raising temperatures indoors, fading wood floors, dulling cabinet finishes and drying out leather and fabric furniture. To minimize these damages, look for treatments that filter UVA and UVB rays.

Dining Room

Drapes add texture and style to casual gathering spaces, while cornices add character. You could also dress up your dining room windows with simple wood or fabric cornices for extra flare.

cellular or honeycomb shades offer the ideal solution to noise issues in your dining room, featuring air pockets to absorb sound. Furthermore, these insulating blinds will keep the room cooler during summer and warmer during winter.

Most people understand the basics of window treatment styles, but each option can have small details that impact how it functions in a room. A Gotcha Covered design specialist can assist in finding suitable options for your space.


No matter if you work from home full-time or have recently made the leap during an epidemic, having an efficient home office is vital to productivity and comfort. Consider updating your Sunnyvale, CA office window treatments as one way of increasing both.

Blinds offer more control than shades, as their slats can be rotated to adjust the amount of light or view you have. Furthermore, they can block out sunlight completely if necessary.

Roller shades offer an elegant solution if you prefer an understated aesthetic, offering plenty of light control and privacy without taking over your entire office. Available with blackout fabric to provide complete glare control in private working environments.

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