Revamping Your Bathroom on a Budget

Enhancing your bathroom doesn’t need to be an expensive venture – even making small adjustments can have a dramatic impact.

Paint rooms with mildew-resistant paint for an updated look, choosing colors like taupe or pistachio to bring more life and personality into the bathroom space. This budget-friendly idea will quickly modernize the space.

1. Reorganize Your Space

One of the quickest upgrades you can make to your bathroom is clearing away clutter and creating storage solutions. By organizing lesser-used items and disposing of unwanted products, it is possible to quickly transform it from an uninviting mess into an inviting sanctuary.

Seek storage solutions that won’t make rooms feel cramped; open shelving can showcase beautiful linens while glass jars full of cotton wool, floss and other bathroom necessities make an impressionful display; meanwhile a slim storage cabinet provides extra space on vanity while providing storage solutions for toiletries.

Painting can be an easy and effective way to rejuvenate a space, as well as correct any chips or cracks in the wall. Opt for subtle colors like taupe, sage or pistachio for the best effect.

2. Add a Mirror

A vanity is one of the main focal points in any room and can quickly look dated over time. One cost-effective upgrade that could make an immediate change is to add new sink and countertop units – this option may only require minimal expense yet make an immense impactful statement!

If you want a quick and inexpensive update for your mirror, add a frame kit from home improvement stores for easy hanging.

If you’re willing to invest more, try installing a recessed bath mirror into the wall for an upscale and custom look. They’re constructed with mildew-resistant materials for long term performance in humid bathroom environments.

3. Paint the Walls

Replacing old wall tile with beadboard or wallpaper adds texture and style without breaking the bank. A fresh coat of paint also makes an instant impactful statement at minimal expense; white or neutral tones work well as they can withstand moisture; however soft blues and greens may help bring peace and relaxation into your bathroom space.

If you don’t want to invest in new flooring, a vinyl composition tile or wood plank update could still improve the look and feel of your bathroom. Vinyl tiles come with many patterns and colors available and can mimic stone or ceramic tile at a fraction of the price.

Add some flair to your cabinets by giving them a new coat of paint or installing pullout shelves in deep drawers to store items such as cotton swabs and nail clippers.

4. Update Your Fixtures

Substituting taps and showerheads with modern fixtures can transform the overall appearance of your bathroom, as well as increase its value. Furthermore, adding decorative mirrors or cabinet fronts will add an aesthetic edge.

Upcycling furniture can add an entirely new look to your bathroom. An old dresser or chest could easily become a vanity by adding a sink and using its drawers for storage purposes.

5. Add a Shower

Converting an existing tub into a functional shower is both straightforward and economical. There are various approaches you can take – from adding an inexpensive shower head (costing as little as $20) to replacing the entire tub with one featuring an enclosed shower enclosure and changing plumbing routes.

At its most economical, opt for a showerhead that slips over your existing tub spout. There is a wide variety of designs available from classic two-handled units to thermostatic models which maintain a pre-set temperature for safety purposes.

6. Add Storage

No matter the size or layout of your bathroom, smart storage solutions can make the space feel tailored without extensive remodeling costs. A decorative ladder like that featured here from Milk and Honey Life can store towels and bathrobes while freeing up space in cabinets or linen closets.

Deep drawers can become magnets for clutter, but using dividers to keep everything organized and easily findable can keep that from happening. Cabinet doors provide another opportunity for organization: use over-the-door baskets to store hair tools, nail products and jewelry in an organized fashion for an uncluttered appearance.

Don’t waste that narrow space under your sink; add an inexpensive tall storage cabinet (such as this top-rated option from Amazon) that looks modern and sleek while hiding toilet paper, cleaning supplies and other essentials. Plus it is made with mildew resistant materials for humidity environments!

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